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No / Low Alcohol Wine 

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Are you thinking of including more low-no-alcohol wines in your lifestyle?

Whether you're embarking on a mindful drinking journey, taking a break from alcohol for a month, or simply abstaining, our low-alcohol and non-alcoholic wine alternatives allow you to enjoy the taste of wine and participate in the fun while maintaining moderation.

What's the go with low-no alcohol wine?

Wine brings people together for celebrations or just a casual evening. It is a great way to relax and unwind, but sometimes, you don't want the effects of the alcohol. That's where no/low alcohol wine comes in. This is a new trend that is catching up in the wine world. Here are some common questions about no/low alcohol wine and the answers.

What is no/low alcohol wine?

No/low-alcohol wine is exactly what it sounds like. It is a wine that has little to no alcohol content. It is made similarly to regular wine but is taken through a process that removes the alcohol content. This process varies from brand to brand, but the end result is always the same - a wine that is lower in alcohol or completely free of it.

Is no/low alcohol wine lower in calories?

No/low alcohol wine is lower in calories than regular wine. Since alcohol is removed from the wine, it has fewer calories than its alcoholic counterpart. For those conscious about their calorie intake or watching their weight, no/low alcohol wine can be an excellent choice.

How much no/low alcohol wine can I drink?

Well, it depends on the brand, but most no/low alcohol wines have a limit of up to two glasses daily. However, since its alcohol content is low, you can consume a bit more without getting tipsy. That said, drinking responsibly and knowing your limits is always important.

How is no/low wine made?

No/low alcohol wine is made using similar techniques to regular wine. The alcohol content is removed through several processes, including vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, and spinning cone machines. In vacuum distillation, the wine is heated to remove the alcohol content while preserving the wine's flavour profile. Reverse osmosis and spinning cone machines are also used to remove alcohol content; however, these methods can affect the wine's taste.

No/low alcohol wine - Is it better for you?

No/low alcohol wine can be better for you than regular wine. It has fewer calories and less alcohol content and has been shown to have several health benefits. For example, it is rich in antioxidants and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also said to help lower blood pressure and promote good cholesterol levels.

Is no/low-alcohol wine good for you?

Not only is no/low alcohol wine better for your health, but it also doesn't compromise on taste. Many renowned winemakers are now producing no/low alcohol wines that maintain the complex flavours of their full-strength counterparts. This allows you to enjoy a guilt-free glass of wine, knowing it benefits your health and still savours like a premium pour.

Best no/low alcohol wine in Australia

There are several commendable no/low alcohol wines on the market. There are many brands we recommend you give a whirl; what you like will depend on you. Here are some suggestions:

Red no/low alcohol wine:

Plus & Minus does a great range of zero alcohol red wines, and so does Tread Softly.

White no/low alcohol wine:

For a variety of white wines, check out the collection by Giesen, a producer from New Zealand. 

Sparkling no/low alcohol wine:

Plus & Minus and Tready softly make a great Prosecco, and Prosecco Rosé while Giesen makes a great Sparkling.

Mixed cases no/low alcohol wine:

Tamburlaine has a variety of great mixed cases, including a Sparkling mixed case.

Rosé no/low alcohol wine:

Most of these producers mentioned make a beautiful low/no alc rosé wine. While all of these options are great, we suggest you pick a couple from the collection up there and make the decision for yourself 👆. You might just be surprised by how good it tastes! Read more about no/low alcohol wine on the blog.

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