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Why is Shiraz so Popular in Australia?

Written by: Chloe Thomas



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You might have noticed that Shiraz has a special place in the hearts and glasses of Australians. Shiraz is also known as Syrah in other parts of the world, but in Australia, it's our most beloved variety of red wine. From its high tannin content to bold and fruity flavours, Shiraz makes the perfect match for every occasion. But the question is, why is Shiraz so famous in Australia? Well, let's find out!

Home Grown Love

Shiraz grapes are open to a more diverse climate suitable for the grape's cultivation, and overall, Australia has perfect climatic conditions. The Australian Shiraz has been made differently from the European Syrah, which has helped us stand apart and develop our own identity. The Shiraz grape variety was introduced to Australia in the 19th century, and soon, the grape's success story began, and it's now Australia's staple wine variety.

Bold and Fruity Flavors

Shiraz uniquely tastes rich, ripe fruit flavours like blackberry, plum, and blueberry. These flavours make Shiraz an excellent match for food, especially spicy meat dishes. Shiraz's bold and rich flavours make it versatile for pairing with almost any food. Us Aussies love our BBQ, and Shiraz is the perfect addition to any meat lover's meal.

Australian Wineries Are Crushing it

Out wineries here have mastered the art of crafting Shiraz. Australian wineries have been making Shiraz in various styles using various fruit from hot to cool climate regions. We have tested this variety on numerous oak profiles, and each region has its unique style to try. The most famous regions include the Barossa Valley, the Hunter Valley, and Heathcote. However, almost every region will produce some Shiraz, which is worth trying.

Global Recognition

Australia's Shiraz love is not just confined within its borders. Shiraz from Australia has been recognized globally and continues to be served in some of the world's best restaurants. Australia has also been winning global wine awards, and Shiraz has been one of the most celebrated varieties. This international recognition has made Australian wineries work harder to maintain quality and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

shiraz red wine flavours

Shiraz has become an integral part of Australia's wine culture, with unique flavours and versatility suiting almost all occasions. Climate, wineries, wine tourism, international recognition, and local support have fostered its growth. So, the next time you're out shopping for wine, grab a bottle of Shiraz and celebrate its rich heritage and unique taste, just like us Aussies do!