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Fine & Rare Wine (Single Bottles) 

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Explore YourWines' Rare & Single Bottles Collection

Indulge in the exceptional world of rare and single bottles of wine curated by YourWines! Our dedicated wine connoisseurs are committed to sourcing the most exquisite and flavourful wines for your discerning palate. Each bottle in our collection undergoes rigorous research, ensuring distinctive flavour profiles, enticing textures, captivating aromas, and impeccable ageing processes. Whether you're expanding your collection, celebrating a milestone, or simply seeking a unique taste experience, YourWines.com.au is your destination for extraordinary rare wines.


How to store rare and single bottles of wine?

Buying rare wine should be an experience for the mind and the senses. That's why we meticulously select each bottle, making sure each bottle holds a story worth telling. Are you curious about the best way to store rare bottles for optimal enjoyment? Consider investing in a wine refrigerator cellar or find a safe place to maintain temperatures between 55-60°F (13-15°C) and humidity levels at 60-70%. Shield the bottles from direct sunlight and vibrations to safeguard their quality over time. Storing bottles horizontally ensures corks remain moist, preventing oxidation and preserving long-term quality.

What is included in our collection?

At YourWines, we take pride in curating a collection that embodies some of the most sought-after and elusive bottles available. Each bottle showcased in our collection represents a unique opportunity as we endeavour to offer bottles that are rarely found elsewhere.  Embark on a journey through our fine, old, and rare single wine bottles collection whether you’re looking for a special gift, are into collecting wine or simply want to indulge in something special. Allow us to assist you in discovering the perfect bottle!

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