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5 Fun Sparkling Wine Pairings to Elevate the Everyday

Written by: Chloe Thomas



Time to read 1 min

Wine and snacks? Yes, please! It's not just about fancy meals or special occasions. We're here to tell you that sparkling wine can match the most common snack. A little sparkle can elevate any snack-time experience. In this blog post, we'll share some of our favourite sparkling wine pairings you can try to elevate the everyday.

Popcorn and Prosecco

Pinot Noir in a Glass

Popcorn is one of the easiest and most enjoyable snacks we can all agree on. It's perfect for movie nights or when you just want to nibble on something savoury. Try pairing your popcorn with a refreshing glass of prosecco. The bubbles in the wine complement the crunchiness of the popcorn, while the acidity and sweetness complement the saltiness. It's a match made in sensory heaven!

Cheese jaffle with Cava

cheese jaffle with cava

A cheese toastie is already great, but adding some Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) becomes even better. Cava is an excellent choice because it is not overly sweet or acidic, which allows the cheese to shine in its salty, earthy goodness. The bubbles in the Cava cut through the richness of the cheese, making this pairing both refreshing and moreish.

Sparkling Shiraz with Bacon and Eggs

bacon and eggs and shiraz

Who said that sparkling wine can only be paired with snacks? Breakfast can be just as fun. And, if you're looking for something to pair with your bacon and eggs, sparkling Shiraz can be your perfect match. It's a full-bodied wine with blackberry and spice flavours, complementing bacon's salty smokiness, and the bubbles help cut through the fat.

Champagne and hot chippies

hot chips and champagne

Hot chippies are the go-to snack for many Aussies. Salty, crispy, and perfect memories of summer beach days, they are irresistible. Add some Champagne to the equation, and it's a game-changer. Champagne's acidity cuts through the fat and salt, while the bubbles add texture to the experience. Voilà - we just turned a childhood favourite into an upscale, adult delight.

Tomato with cracked pepper on Jatz with Sparkling Rosé


If you’ve never had a Jatz (Savoy’s for you Victorians) with a slice of tomato and some cracked black pepper–are you even Australian? This simple “I’m too lazy for lunch” plate just got elevated with a glass of sparkling rosé. The wine's acidity complements the tomato's tartness, while the bubbles enhance the bright, fresh flavour. It's the perfect snack for a hot summer day.

Who knew sparkling wine could be so versatile? From popcorn to bacon and eggs, all the way to hot chippies, there's a perfect match for every snack you crave. Don't hesitate to break out that bottle of bubbles and experiment the next time you're having a night or day in. Who knows? You might discover a new snack-time favourite. Cheers!