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Clever Tricks Every Wine Lover Should Have Up Their Sleeve

Written by: Chloe Thomas



Time to read 2 min

Whether you're a casual wine novice or a seasoned enthusiast, there are always new tricks and hacks to learn that can improve your wine-drinking experience. In this blog post, we're going to share some fun wine hacks that every wine lover should know. From how to quickly chill a bottle of wine to how to uncork a bottle without a corkscrew, you'll find plenty of tips to take your party tricks to the next level.

Chill Your Wine Quickly

Don’t you hate it when you forget to put that bottle of white wine in the fridge before your guests arrive? Here's a quick trick: wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer. The moisture in the towel will help the wine chill faster, and the towel will prevent the bottle from getting too cold and cracking. In just 20-30 minutes, your wine will be perfectly chilled and ready to drink. Problem solved!

Use Frozen Grapes Instead of Ice Cubes

Nobody likes watered-down wine, so why do people put ice cubes in their wine to keep it cold? Ice will dilute the wine and change its taste. A better solution? Use frozen grapes! Grapes will keep your wine cold without watering it down, and they also look fancy in your glass (depending on who you ask!?). Ok, maybe don’t do this if you’re guests are sommeliers…. 

Use a Shoe to Open a Bottle of Wine

If you find yourself without a corkscrew, don't worry – you can use a shoe to open a bottle of wine. Place the bottom of the bottle in the heel of a shoe and hit it against a solid surface, such as a wall, or a tree, until the cork pops out. This might take a bit of effort, you may break a sweat but you’ll also impress your mates.

Remove Red Wine Stains with Salt

Spilling red wine on your clothes or carpet can be a disaster (we’ve all been there) but don’t fret! As soon as possible, pour salt on the stain to soak up the wine. Let it sit for a few hours (even overnight) vacuum the salt up. Finally, rinse the affected area with cold water and blot it with a towel. The stain should be completely gone as the salt soaked up all the mess!

wine tricks

Save Your Leftover Wine

Sometimes (ok, rarely) you might not finish a whole bottle of wine, but you don't want to waste it either. Here's a solution: pour the leftover wine into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Once the wine cubes are frozen, pop them out of the tray and store them in a plastic bag in the freezer. Whenever you need a splash of wine for cooking or a glass to drink, just grab a few wine cubes and let them thaw.

These savvy wine tricks turn mishaps into moments of ingenuity, from the quick chilling method with a wet paper towel to uncorking a bottle with a shoe or swiftly removing stains with salt, these hacks will showcase your resourcefulness in groups of wine lovers.