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February 02, 2021 2 min read

As the weather heats up and the days are getting longer, there is a spike in online wine orders for good quality rosés. And while we are all for letting the rosé flow this summer, we also want to let you know that rosé is a great choice every day. Even in winter! There is even a #roséallyear hashtag now… what more do we need to say?

But just in case you need a few more reasons, Adam our sommelier is giving us reasons to love  rosé every day!

It pairs perfectly with all food

It’s a safe bet that if you’re having a light meal or salad, then a glass of crisp rosé is the perfect accompaniment. It’s light and summery flavours tend to match. Although truth be told, when you are having a slow cooked lamb stew or a tender eye fillet and mash potato, a glass of rosé still pairs perfectly.

Rosé is versatile. While it is made from red grapes and has many similar flavour characteristics, it is made to be drunk chilled like a white wine. This versatility means it will pair perfectly with whatever type of food/cuisine you are wanting to explore.

My absolute favourite rosé that I am loving right now is the 2017 San Marzano Tramari Rosé. From one of Northern Italy's most awarded wineries, Tramari is an elegant and light rosé wine. It comes from the light and the winds of our summers, between the two seas of the Salento. Very reasonably priced, it’s a multi award winner and perfect to drink right now.

Rosé can be made from any red grape

You can choose a rosé based on your preference of red wines. So there is a variety of rosé for you to choose from every day. The winemaker can choose which red grape variety to use with their rosé. This will ultimately determine the taste and flavour. If perhaps you are looking for something a little lighter in body you can choose a pinot noir rosé but another day you might like to go with a merlot rosé or a cabernet sauvignon rosé.

It’s an affordable wine

Rosé is typically less expensive than many other types of wine. A good quality rosé doesn't need to be aged, so it's typically easier (and cheaper) to produce, and therefore, tends to cost less when you order wine online. Winning.

Rosé is suitable before or after a meal
Rosé is perfect for drinking before, during or after a meal. Essentially, rosé is a boss aperitif.

It’s happiness in a glass

You know the saying - looking at life through rose coloured glasses? Who wouldn’t find joy with a rosé-coloured glass? Whether you’re unwinding, gearing up for a night out, feeling festive or having a cosy get-together, you can’t go wrong with a rosé.

The great thing about rosé wine is that there is so much variety, you can find a reason to drink it every day, all year round.