Our Team

Adam Miller - General Manager and Chief Wine Spy

A self confessed ‘champagne nut’, Adam doesn’t let his penchant for the fine drop get in the way of his mission to ensure everyone has access to very good wines.

His mindset is somewhat unique in that he understands that taste in wine is very subjective, but that everyone deserves good value. Whether it’s an $8 merlot or a $100 shiraz, as a buyer he ensures his customers have access to the very best in the market, no matter the price.

Adam combines the knowledge and experience he gained as a sommelier working for some of Sydney’s finest establishments with his marketing and business development skills developed while heading up buying for some of Australia’s largest ecommerce wine brands.

A passionate educator, Adam exceeds customer expectations every day by sharing his knowledge resulting in a more educated wine consumer - which is always a good thing.

Let’s face it, most Australians love a drink and with Adam's advice you can be assured that the drops you enjoy are best in class.