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Our Sommelier’s Tips for Buying Wine Online

February 02, 2021 2 min read

Choosing a good bottle of wine online can be overwhelming. Most people know what they like, but this can vary in detail from red or white to the year and region. Everyone is different but choosing the right wines online can be daunting, for everyone.

No one understands good wine at great prices better than a sommelier. So we’ve asked our head sommelier Adam for his best tips for buying wine online.

He loves wine as much as you do. He also knows that good wine doesn’t have to cost the earth. Below he shares his best tips and tricks for picking a good wine online, every time:

Try wines from the regions that you know and trust

Buying wine online from a region that you know but may be unfamiliar with the particular brand is a good starting point. For example, buying a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough region when you know that you have enjoyed wine from there previously, is a good place to start.

Match the wine to your setting

If you are having an Italian meal for dinner, go with an Italian wine to match. This keeps wine pairing simple, but fun. Immerse yourself into your evening.

If you’re unsure, buy Australian

We are so lucky here in Australia to produce some of the finest, yet affordable wines the world has on offer. It’s always a safe bet that a well priced Australian wine will be good quality.

Wine tasting should be fun

Buying a wine mixed case is a great way to bring the wine tasting experience to your home. Go for a theme, for example a mixed case of European wines, and explore the different tastes and regions. Go wine tasting at home, match the foods to the region. Discover what you like and explore why you like it.

What wines can I pay less for but get good quality?

Sauvignon Blancs and Shiraz wines are made in high volume with typically lower production costs, so you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good quality wine at a very good price.

Don’t be scared of affordable wine

It’s easy to fall into a mindset that cheap wine won’t be good wine and that you have to be spending upwards of $15-20 per bottle to get good quality. Don’t be scared to buy wine that sits in the $6-12 range. There are some outstanding wines available online already at a low RRP but when they are on sale they are even more affordable. Affordable wine online doesn’t mean that the quality has been compromised.